Digital Sublimation and Digital Printing Services

With the latest and fastest Mimaki digital printing and in combination with our top tier Monti Antonio Italian rotary heat press, we are able to provide you with the highest quality digital sublimation service. Not to mention quickly! Everything is done in house. You will notice a high degree of ink penetration and rich blacks as well as vibrant reds on your polyester fabrics. For low volume, high quality, customized sublimation, we are your one stop shop. Best for leggins, Lycra fabric, scuba, and various polyester knits and woven fabrics requiring photo realistic type digital printing. Feel free to check out some impressive samples in our facility.

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la-los-angeles-unlimited-print-digital sublimation-printing-service-print-on-yellow-fleece-blanket la-los-angeles-custom-fabric-printing-digital-heat-unlimited-printing-service-floral-print la-los-angeles-digital-sublimation printing-fabric-printing-services-floral-print-on-black

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